Freedom Force Wiki
Real Name Charles Wilson
Material Type Flesh
Weight 140 lbs
Strength Normal
Speed Very Fast
Agility Clumsy
Endurance Incredibly Hardy
Energy Incredibly Powerful
Voice Actor Stephen Russell

Blitzkrieg is a character from the video game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official Bio[]

A master of the mental arts, Blitzkrieg has used his hypnotic skills to bring the power of Energy X to the Third Reich! This Nazi mentalist has powerful mind-control abilities. Disguised as "Charles Wilson", deputy director of the CIA, he tricked Freedom Force into turning over Time Master to his custody after they defeated Nuclear Winter. Blitzkrieg used Time Master's powers to bring Energy X to the Nazis in the 1940s and thereby win World War II for the Axis. His exact origin is never explained. Blitzkrieg has a vague superficial resemblance to Adolf Hitler, but with a monocle, pencil-style mustache and grotesquely elongated head adorned with throbbing veins. Visually similar to Marvel Comics' The Leader, although super-Nazi Red Skull is an obvious analogue as well.


  • Cybernetic Brain: Blitzkrieg is resistant to hypnosis, enrage, panic and mental blank. Blitzkrieg has increased accuracy.
  • Danger Sense: Blitzkrieg can dodge attacks/use passive defenses from behind. He gets +1 Agility bonus to dodge attempts. Blind state does not stop dodging or passive defenses.
  • Disciplined: Blitzkrieg is resistant to all mental attacks.


Mental Assault[]

  • Brain Bullet: A piercing projectile attack.
  • Brain Clamp: A short-range mental attack that causes confusion.
  • Hypno-Glare: Short-range beam of hypnosis.
  • Lebensraum: Extreme knock back clears the area of friends and enemies.
  • Reckless Rage: A mental beam of pure Nazi rage.

Closed Mind[]

  • Mind Over Matter: Passive defense the blocks all corporeal attacks.
  • Cerebral Citadel: Active defense that maintains mental moderation.