Freedom Force Wiki
Real Name Dwight Arrow
Material Type Flesh
Weight 190 lbs
Strength Very Strong
Speed Quicksilver
Agility Nimble
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Powerful
Voice Actor George Ledoux

Bullet is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

Very little fazes the Bullet. A career military man, he has a deep-rooted and selfless concern towards innocents caught in the crossfire of any conflict. Formerly a pilot in the USAF, the Bullet became imbued with fantastic powers of speed after the fighter jet he was piloting was struck by a bolt of Energy X. He is always the first into any battle when he is called upon. He is approached about joining the team by Minuteman on a peaceful afternoon before Deja Vu begins his reign of terror upon Patriot city. After this he becomes full fledged member of the team.

VS. The Third Reich[]

Bullet becomes a major character in the sequel in which he is excited at the idea of working with his boyhood hero, Sky King to help defeat the Nazi's. However, Mentor informs him his super speed is too dangerous for him to be teleported to the past. Bullet sneaks away anyway and Mentor warns him he may be stuck in the past forever. He is later kidnapped but rescued by the heroes of the past, Sky King, Black Jack, and Tricolour (whom Bullet has fallen in love with). Bullet then decides to remain in the past with Tricolour.

  • Cost (FF): 7239 PR
  • Cost (FFvTR): Free


  • Rapid Metabolism: Bullet is vulnerable to acid and radiation.
  • Cosmic Chump: Bullet is vulnerable to energy.
  • Fast Healing: Bullet will continuously recover HP whenever he is damaged, up to a max of 100 HP.
  • Heroic: Gives one more hero point.


Fists of Fury[]

  • One-Shot Punch: A high-velocity jab.
  • Fist Flurry: Delivers three strikes in quick succession.
  • Speeding Bullet: Knocks back enemies at the end of a sprinting run.
  • Fist Fusillade: Delivers six small strikes in rapid succession.

Speeding Bullet[]

  • Sprint: Allows him to move to a spot nearly instantly.
  • Whirlwind: Carries opponents up in the air and stuns them with electricity.
  • Energize: Speeds up someone's energy regeneration, but increases their susceptibility to stun.
  • Hyper Spin: Spins so fast that bullets bounce off him!
  • Electrify: Charges him up, so he releases a blast of electricity every few seconds.