Dark Shaman
Material Type Flesh
Weight 190 lbs
Strength Normal
Speed Very Fast
Agility Normal
Endurance Hardy
Energy Extraordinarily Powerful

The Dark Shaman is an enemy from the video game, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official DescriptionEdit

A minion of Red Oktober, the Dark Shaman throws his curses from a safe distance.


  • Danger Sense: They can dodge attacks/use passive defenses from behind. They get +1 Agility bonus to dodge attempts. Blind state does not stop dodging or passive defenses.


Tier AEdit

  • Cloud of Pain: Explosive projectiles dealing energy damage.
  • Aura Blast: Stunning beam that strips away defenses.
  • Staff Strike: A simple swing with a stout staff.

Tier BEdit

  • Reflecting Nimbus: Passively reflects cold, fire, crushing and piercing attacks.
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