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Deja Vu
Real Name Herbert Hooving
Material Type Flesh
Weight 220 lbs
Strength Very Strong
Speed Very Fast
Agility Very Nimble
Endurance Extremely Hardy
Energy Extremely Powerful
Voice Actor Dorian Hart

Deja Vu is a character from the video game Freedom Force.

Official Bio[]

Imprisoned in an asylum for the criminally insane, Herbert Hooving was going nowhere fast. But when Energy X bombarded the building, Herbert was one of the first to escape using his newfound powers. The energy had given him the ability to clone himself, and doubled his intellect. Unfortunately, it had doubled his insanity as well.


  • Jumper: Allows Deja Vu to leap to tremendous heights.
  • Timid: Deja Vu has a 5% chance of becoming panicked after taking damage.
  • Radioactive: Deja Vu is highly resistant to radiation.
  • Glass Bones: Deja Vu is vulnerable to crushing damage.


  • Slap: A low damage melee attack.
  • Deja Duplication: Creates a duplicate Deja, with half hit points.
  • Reminder Ray: A ranged irradiating attack.