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El Diablo
Real Name Ricardo Ramirez
Material Type Fire
Weight 140 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Very Powerful
Voice Actor Mikhail Islam

El Diablo is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

Growing up in the barrio, Ricardo Ramirez thought he knew it all, heading up a gang of thugs and miscreants. With the sudden bestowment of Energy X powers, his viewpoint was changed for good. Now using his amazing control of fire, he seeks to make up for lost time - and to give a little back to the city he grew up in - as El Diablo.


  • Flier: El Diablo can fly.
  • Hot Tempered: El Diablo randomly uses higher intensity powers.
  • Heroic: Gives one more hero point.


The Fire Inside[]

  • Swift Punch: A fast punch.
  • Fire It Up: A powerful defense that burns bullets before they can strike.
  • Flaming Fist: A strong, fiery melee attack.
  • Absorb Heat: Gains energy points from incoming heat damage.

Fiery Fury[]

  • Tongues of Flame: An effective flame attack of moderate accuracy.
  • Inferno: A powerful explosive projectile.
  • Ignition: Sets fire to objects - causing them to explode in a fireball.
  • Hellfire: A mighty explosion that releases other smaller explosions.