Freedom Force Wiki
Real Name Eve
Material Type Wood
Weight 210 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Very Nimble
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Very Powerful
Voice Actor Kate Lohman

Eve is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

Eve first appeared in a park clad in nothing at all, and armed with a decidedly deadly bow. She is able to fire her bow with pinpoint accuracy, shows some limited control over plant and animal life, and has a hypnotic effect on human males. Eve is extremely quiet, almost never speaking to the public, and hardly to the team. It is uncertain if her abilities are driven from Energy X. She aids the team in defeating Deja Vu. She is a prominent character when Pan begins his reign of terror in Patriot City. as Pan "disrupts the balance of nature" Eve becomes steadfast on stopping him. Pan then reveals that he desires to not only destroy Patriot City but gain Eve as his lover. Though she refuses, Eve is later hypnotized by Pan and he takes her to his palace on a floating island above Patriot City. Freedom Force sets out to save her and after Microwave is able to obtain some magical fruit to break Pan's mind-control, Eve regains control of herself and helps the team finish Pan off for good.


  • Beautiful: Enemies attempting melee attacks on Eve must make a successful resistance check against hypnosis.
  • Crack Shot: Increases Eve's accuracy.
  • Temperature Control: Eve is resistant to heat and cold.



  • Arrow: A low damage but accurate and long-range attack.
  • Living Arrow: Homes in on its target.
  • Acid Arrow: A ranged attack that causes progressive acid damage.
  • Swarm of Arrows: Splits into multiple arrows that seek out and strike random enemies.

Nature's Glory[]

  • Nature's Kiss: Small chance of causing hypnosis.
  • Swarm of Leaves: A swarm of leaves appears to blind the enemy.
  • Binding Vines: A paralyzing attack that binds the target with vines.
  • Empathy: An active defense which causes enemies to take some of the damage they inflict.