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Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich
Developer Irrational Games
Publisher Irrational Games
Release date March 15, 2005
Genre Action, Role-playing game
Rating Teen
Platform PC

Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich is the second game in the Freedom Force RPG series by Irrational Games.

Official Description[]

When Nuclear Winter returns with a plot to destroy Freedom Force and the free world, gaming's greatest heroes must team up with a flurry of fresh faces! As the sinister soviet's plan unfurls, Patriot City's finest find themselves flung through time into the greatest conflict the planet has ever seen: World War 2!

List of missions[]

Nuclear Winter's Revenge:

The Third Reich attacks:

  • Mission 6: A Time of War!
  • Mission 7: The Voice of Doom!
  • Mission 8: Red Sun Rising
  • Mission 9: Red Sunset
  • Mission 10: To Rescue a Hero!
  • Mission 11: When Strikes the Kill-a-Rilla!
  • Mission 12: Sky King's Starring Moment!
  • Mission 13: Achtung! Der Alchemiss!
  • Mission 14: Beat the Clock!
  • Mission 15: Peril and Paradox
  • Mission 16: Mind of the Mad-Man!
  • Mission 17: Enter Entropy

Entropy's threat

  • Mission 18: Devastation Duet
  • Mission 19: The Burning of Patriot City!
  • Mission 20: Holes in the Time Stream!
  • Mission 21: Entropy Over Time Equals Destruction
  • Mission 22: Sacrifice of a Hero!


  • The follow-up to both IGN and Computer Gaming World's Strategy Game of the Year 2002!
  • Radically enhanced graphics, visual effects and environmental destruction!
  • Powerful new modding tools to support Freedom Force's huge user community!