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Iron Ox
Real Name Alfred Jenkins
Material Type Metal
Weight 790 lbs
Strength Extremely Strong
Speed Very Fast
Agility Very Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Powerful
Voice Actor Stephen Russell

Iron Ox is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

Alfred "Iron Ox" Jenkins spent much of his youth traveling around England, boxing in exhibtion matches. But as the thrill of the fight faded, Alfred retired to America, seeking new fortunes. When struck by a beam of Energy X, Alfred found himself invigorated, and ready to fight once more!

  • Cost (FF): 6097 PR
  • Cost (FFvTR): 8260 PR


  • Armored: Iron Ox is resistant to piercing. His speed is reduced by 1 level.
  • Jumper: Allows Iron Ox to leap to tremendous heights.
  • Grim Resolve: Iron Ox is resistant to stun damage.
  • Disciplined: Iron Ox is resistant to all mental attacks.



  • Biff: Not much damage, but good stun and knock back.
  • Haymaker: Good melee attack that knocks the opponent up and away.
  • Fancy Footwork: Dodges some incoming attacks automatically.


  • Jab: Melee attack that pierces through an opponent's defenses.
  • Sunday Punch: Throws out a shockwave of damage to stun an opponent.
  • Iron Jaw: Active defense that gives extra protection against mundane damage.
  • Force Wave: Short-range wave of crushing force.