Kill-A-Rilla Gun
Material Type Flesh
Weight 140 lbs
Strength Incredibly Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Extremely Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Powerful

The Kill-A-Rilla Gun is an enemy from the video game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official DescriptionEdit

The Kill-A-Rilla is a hideous Nazi experiment fusing man and gorilla. One group was trained to use chain guns, but with their hulking strength and low intellect, they're most dangerous when swinging their weapons as clubs.


  • Heavy Hitter: All damage from their wielded attack is doubled.
  • Solid Skeleton: They are resistant to crushing damage.
  • Weak Minded: Their resistance to mental damage is halved.
  • Jumper: Allows them to leap to tremendous heights.


  • Chain Gun: A low accuracy machine gun attack that shoots 3 bullets.
  • Gun Smash: A damaging melee attack.
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