Freedom Force Wiki
Material Type Flesh
Weight 190 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Very Fast
Agility Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Minor Energy

The Legionnaire is an enemy from the video game, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official Description[]

As a minion of Fortissimo, the Legionnaire is a deadly swordsman. Preferring melee combat, the Legionnaire will bring flying opponents down to earth with his powerful war cry before closing in for the kill.


  • Berserker: They have a 10% chance of becoming enraged after taking damage.


Tier A[]

  • Glowing Gladius: Three sword strikes in quick succession.
  • Sweeping Sword: A sleeping roundhouse slash.
  • War Cry: Long-range beam attack of brash bravado that causes stun.

Tier B[]

  • Roman Fortitude: A passive defense almost impervious to fire damage.