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Lord Dominion
Real Name Lord Dominion
Material Type Flesh
Weight 110 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Very Fast
Agility Klutz
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Extraordinarily Powerful
Voice Actor Mark Stevick

Lord Dominion is a character from the video game, Freedom Force.

Official Bio[]

In his campaign of conquest, Lord Dominion has token over Mentor's peaceful race and transformed them into the dreaded Domain. With his legion he has defeated the denizens of a thousand dimensions. Lord Dominion informed Praetor of how if he was able to dominate earth he would be in complete control of the entire universe, but he decided to use their Energy X to turn earth's worst miscreants into supervillians as he showed Praetor how humans kill other humans. Mentor's overhearing and eventual foiling of this plan has infuriated him, and Dominion has sworn that the traitorous act will not go unavenged.


  • Flier: Lord Dominion can fly.


  • Rad Pistol: A powerful ranged radiation attack.
  • Plasma Rocket: Explosive rockets, bad at short-range but good over long distances.
  • Energy Shield: Provides protection from almost all attack types.