Major Eye of the Reich
Material Type Metal
Weight 330 lbs
Strength Feeble
Speed Normal
Agility Fantastically Nimble
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Energized

The Major Eye of the Reich is an enemy from the video game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official DescriptionEdit

The Eyes of the Reich represent Blitzkrieg's most horrific misuse of Energy X. He has taken the living brains of tormented psychics, installed them in levitating metal and glass casings, and wired them to deliver a variety of beam attacks. The Major Eyes also can sweep a victim with a sensor beam to learn its vulnerabilities.


  • Flier: They can fly.
  • Strange Visitor: They are resistant to energy damage.
  • Charged: They are resistant to electricity. All their melee attacks do extra electrical damage.


Tier AEdit

  • Energy Beam: A powerful stream of painful energy.
  • Panic Beam: A mind-effecting energy beam that instills panic.
  • Radiation Beam: A searing beam of radioactive energy.
  • Cold Beam: A powerful stream of frozen particles.

Tier BEdit

  • Deep Sensor: Discovers the target's vulnerabilities at the cellular level.