Freedom Force Wiki
Real Name Unpronounceable
Material Type Flesh
Weight 160 lbs
Strength Normal
Speed Fast
Agility Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Extremely Powerful
Voice Actor Rob Waters

Mentor is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

While he is responsible for the founding of the original Freedom Force, Mentor was once an alien from another dimension, living in harmony until "Lord Dominion" took over his race and turned it into the dreaded "Domain". One day he spied on Lord Dominion's plan to unleash their "Energy X" onto earth 's worst miscreants to bring the puny planet to its knees. Determined  to stop his foul plot "Mentor" forcefully hijacked the carrier hauling the Energy X. As Preatator alerted Lord Dominion about the hijack, Lord Dominion angrily commanded multiple star ships to hunt him down before he can reach earth and deliver it to earth 's hereos to help him stop the Domain. Mentor almost reached earth as one of the Domain's star ships shot mentor's and knocked the supplement of Energy X out of the carrier. The Energy X canisters were luckily caught into earth 's gravitational orbit and struck both multiple do-gooders and miscreants. As mentor landed on earth he followed "Minute Man" until he was able to inform him about Energy X and build up the Freedom Force.


  • Disciplined: Mentor is resistant to all mental attacks.
  • Unbeliever: Mentor is resistant to all forms of mystical attack.
  • Levitate: Mentor can fly with half normal movement speed.



  • Disorientation: Melee attack that targets the cerebellum, confusing the foe.
  • Instinct Dominance: Causes rage in a single target enemy or ally.
  • Cerebral Balance: Cure an ally of any special mental or mystical state.
  • Mental Barrier: Passively protects against most mental attacks.
  • Cortical Suppression: Causes all nearby enemies to wander aimlessly.

Alien Energy[]

  • Psyche-Slash: A powerful, but very slow energy-based melee attack.
  • Electron Beam: A ranged electrical attack with moderate damage.
  • Kinetic Barrier: Active defense against crushing and piercing attacks.
  • Phase Cone: Severely irradiates foe with a moderate cone of effect.