Freedom Force Wiki
Real Name Inapplicable
Material Type Metal
Weight 520 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Normal
Agility Clumsy
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Extremely Powerful
Voice Actor George Ledoux

Microwave is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

In an alternate future, robots rule the Earth, and human beings are a nuisance to be hunted and destroyed. This is all that Microwave can recall after Mentor accidentally erased his memory banks while trying to subdue the savage robot. With a clean slate, Microwave has turned his radioactive powers towards fighting crime.

  • Cost (FF): Free
  • Cost (FFvTR): 7189 PR


  • Cybernetic Brain: Microwave is resistant to hypnosis, enrage, panic and mental blank. Microwave has increased accuracy.
  • Radioactive: Microwave is highly resistant to radiation.
  • Charged: Microwave is resistant to electricity. All his melee attacks do extra electrical damage.


Beam Projection[]

  • Microwave Beam: Short-range radiation attack.
  • Irradiate: Causes the target to become radioactive, taking progressive damage.
  • Rad Cone: Direct burst of radiation over short-range.
  • Meltdown: A ranged energy attack that passes through obstacles.


  • Interference: An attack with a semi-materialized hand, causing energy damage.
  • Displace Image: He becomes temporarily invulnerable but cannot attack.
  • Teleport Self: Moves to any point within visual range.
  • Genetic Damage: Reverse the vulnerabilities/resistances of a target.
  • Clone Self: Creates a duplicate of himself.