Real Name Joey Rigotta
Material Type Flesh
Weight 280 lbs
Strength Very Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Normal
Endurance Extraordinarily Hardy
Energy Extremely Powerful
Voice Actor Stephen Russell

Pinstripe is a character from the video game, Freedom Force.

Official BioEdit

The head of a mobster clan, Joey "Pinstripe" Rigotta was famous for his expensive suits and vicious temper. He is responsible for the heroic transformations of Nick Craft, Law and. Order. He first aids in the transformation of Law and Order. He rigs Judge Wilson, who was over seeing the case against Pinstripe, to explode upon ignition. However, Judge Wilson's assistant, Sarah, knocks into Pinstripe, who drops his wallet. When Sarah realizes that the Judge's car is rigged to blow, she attempts to warn him but, it too late. Judge Wilson is killed and, Sarah is blinded from the explosion. Though he succeeded in killing the Judge, Sarah then persists to testify against Pinstripe, despite many warnings. Pinstripe then arranges for his thugs and, some crooked cops to kill her that evening but, a good cop named Samson, comes to her defense but, they are gravely out numbered. Just as it seems that they are going to die, Energy X strikes them and they become Law and Order.

Sometime later, Pinstripe would have a run in with Energy X himself, that causes his skin to turn purple, also allowing him to endure a great deal of harm. He then arranges for a series of robberies throughout town. The newly formed Freedom Force sets out to stop him but, local youngster and, super hero fan Nick Craft invites himself along, even though he was told to stay put. When the team tracks the robberies down to Pinstripe, Minuteman confronts the mobster, who then tries to shoot the patriot. However, Nick jumps in the way and, takes the attack, leaving him weak and, dying. The Heroes ultimately decide to save Nick than go after Pinstripe. With a blood transfusion from Minuteman, Nick survives but, garners similar powers like Minuteman has. Nick becomes intent on bringing Pinstripe to justice but, the team tells him it isn't safe. he then dons a costume calling himself Liberty Lad and, goes after Pinstripe alone. when he learns of the mobster's hideout, Minuteman is impressed and, permits him to join the team.

During their final confrontation, Law and Order show themselves and, lend a helping hand in taking Pinstripe down. Microwave, also appears but, takes on the role of a villain. pinstripe is soon brought to justice by those he has wronged.


  • Density Control: Pinstripe is immune to knock back. His jumping abilities are similar to Jumper attribute.
  • Jumper: Allows Pinstripe to leap to tremendous heights.


  • Tommy Gun Burst: A ranged burst from the tommy gun.
  • Density Max: Increases the density of the target, slowing them down and preventing them from flying.
  • Density Control: A passive defense that absorbs some crushing and piercing attacks.