Material Type Flesh
Weight 190 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Very Powerful

The Police are enemies from the video game, Freedom Force.

Official DescriptionEdit

One of Deja Vu's clones, the Evil Cop is a far more sinister and powerful combatant than its law-enforcing progenitors. They are able to fly, and will generally attack from a distance while regenerating any damage inflicted on them.


  • Fast Healing: They will continuously recover HP whenever they are damaged, up to a max of 100 HP.
  • Flier: They can fly.
  • Radioactive: They are highly resistant to radiation.
  • Glass Bones: They are vulnerable to crushing damage.


  • Energy Bullet: A powerful ranged projectile.
  • Punch: A standard melee attack.