Real Name Praetor
Material Type Energy
Weight 130 lbs
Strength Extremely Strong
Speed Very Fast
Agility Very Nimble
Endurance Incredibly Hardy
Energy Extremely Powerful
Voice Actor Dorian Hart

Praetor is a character from the video game, Freedom Force.

Official BioEdit

Second in command to Lord Dominion himself, Praetor feels the sting of Mentor's betrayal even more than his master. Praetor intends to travel to Earth and avenge himself by doing his master's bidding. He only hopes that he will have the chance to confront Mentor and defeat him.


  • Flier: Praetor can fly.
  • Invertebrate: Praetor is resistant to radiation.
  • Strange Visitor: Praetor is resistant to energy damage.


  • Rad Pistol: A powerful ranged radiation attack.
  • Energy Shield: Provides protection from almost all attack types.
  • Punch: A standard melee attack.