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Red Oktober
Real Name Unknown
Material Type Flesh
Weight 140 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Extraordinarily Nimble
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Fantastically Powerful
Voice Actor Olga Bell

Red Oktober is a character from the video game, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official Bio[]

Using the power of Energy X to make monsters of Russian folklore come to life, Red Oktober is a new ally of Nuclear Winter. She helps him put his plan of world domination into place in Cuba. However, when he betrays her she decides to get even and joins Freedom Force in taking him down. Along the way she manages to impress Minuteman, after proving herself he offers her membership to Freedom Force, she rejects the offer though and flies off. However, the team mentions they won't be seeing the last of her, and it is hinted that she and Minuteman will share a very Batman/Catwoman like relationship.


  • Bedeviled: Red Oktober is vulnerable to mystical damage.
  • Disciplined: Red Oktober is resistant to all mental attacks.
  • Shake it Off: The duration of all of Red Oktober's prolonged damage states is halved.
  • Flier: Red Oktober can fly.


  • Accursed Bolt: A highly accurate beam that inflicts a random curse on its target.
  • Witch's Kiss: Beam of magical energy that turns targets into toads.
  • Blinding Insight: A direct attack that inflicts blindness.
  • Acid Brew: A shot of deadly-accurate acid.
  • Reanimation: Temporarily revives the nearby fallen to fight again.