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Sea Urchin
Real Name Merry Mason
Material Type Frozen
Weight 130 lbs
Strength Normal
Speed Extremely Fast
Agility Extraordinarily Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Very Powerful
Voice Actor Emily Abercrombie

Sea Urchin is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

As a stowaway on Man O' War's trawler, Merry Mason had finally escaped her troubled home life, when a blast of Energy X gave the pair of them powers linked to their maritime location. Merry took the name of Sea Urchin, and decided to help Man O' War safeguard the lives of children.

  • Cost (FF): 4176 PR
  • Cost (FFvTR): 8431 PR


  • Charged: Sea Urchin is resistant to electricity. All her melee attacks do extra electrical damage.
  • Neutralize: Sea Urchin is resistant to acid damage.
  • Nimble: Sea Urchin has a +3 to Agility, but -10% HP.
  • Flier: Sea Urchin can fly.


Dolphin's Child[]

  • Snap Kick: A very fast, low damage kick.
  • Sonic Shriek: A penetrating beam attack with a good chance of stunning opponents.
  • Riptide: A melee attack that strikes three times in quick succession.
  • Power Null: Target cannot use powers that require Energy X while affected by this power.


  • Bubble Swarm: Fires several weak acidic projectiles that home in on the target.
  • Bubble Shell An active defense against crushing attacks.
  • Current Bounce: Automatically redirects electricity attacks unto the nearest enemy.
  • Bubble Gum: A homing bubble that traps the target, immobilizing them.