Freedom Force Wiki
Real Name Amber Autumn
Material Type Flesh
Weight 180 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Very Fast
Agility Extraordinarily Nimble
Endurance Very Hardy
Energy Very Powerful
Voice Actor Lily Allen

Shadow is a character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

Convinced her modeling career was over, Amber Autumn was visiting a plastic surgeon when Energy X filled the room. Then, all it took was a gaze from her eyes to transform her doctor into a hideous shadow of himself. Amber had become Shadow, and she resolved to create a world where she could be beautiful again.


  • Danger Sense: Shadow can dodge attacks/use passive defenses from behind. She gets +1 Agility bonus to dodge attempts. Blind state does not stop dodging or passive defenses.
  • Rapid Metabolism: Shadow is vulnerable to acid and radiation.
  • Grim Resolve: Shadow is resistant to stun damage.
  • Jumper: Allows Shadow to leap to tremendous heights.
  • Charges: Shadow is resistant to electricity. All her melee attacks do extra electrical damage.


  • Kick: A standard melee attack.
  • Shadow Shuriken: A highly accurate ranged attack.
  • Shadow's Cloak: Slips into the shadows, effectively becoming invisible.
  • Decloak: Becomes visible again.
  • Darkness Bomb: A smoke grenade that blinds in a radius.