Material Type Flesh
Weight 180 lbs
Strength Extremely Strong
Speed Nimble
Agility Extremely Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Very Powerful

The Shurale is an enemy from the video game, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official DescriptionEdit

Once thought to be merely a Russian legend, the powerful Shurales serve Red Oktober and Nuclear Winter with decidedly real horns and fists. Beware their roar, which can drain the strength from any who hear it!


  • Berserker: They have a 10% chance of becoming enraged after taking damage.
  • Fast Healing: They will continuously recover HP whenever he is damaged, up to a max of 100 HP.
  • Hirsute: They are resistant to cold damage.
  • Weak Minded: Their resistance to mental damage is halved.


  • Horn Slash: A gouging slash from a pointed horn.
  • Weakening Roar: Fearsome bellow that saps the very strength from nearby foes.
  • Meaty Fists: Knuckle sandwich with extra ham.