Snow Man
Material Type Frozen
Weight 280 lbs
Strength Strong
Speed Fast
Agility Normal
Endurance Hardy
Energy Powerful

The Snow Man is an enemy from the video game, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official DescriptionEdit

A recent frosty creation of Nuclear Winter, the Snow Man is just what its name implies: an animated monster made entirely of snow and ice. Don't try adorning it with charcoal eyes and a carrot nose, as this snowman will pummel you with rock-hard fists and bursts of jagged ice!


  • Heat Sensitive: They are susceptible to heat attacks.
  • Jumper: Allows them to leap to tremendous heights.
  • Cosmic Chump: They are vulnerable to energy.


  • Frozen Pummel: The icy touch of a frozen fist.
  • Ice Fragment Burst: Scattered shards of ice chill all within an area.
  • Chill Shield: Passive defense that is almost impervious to cold attacks.