Freedom Force Wiki
Real Name Unknown
Material Type Stone
Weight 770 lbs
Strength Extraordinarily Strong
Speed Extremely Fast
Agility Klutz
Endurance Extraordinarily Hardy
Energy Very Powerful
Voice Actor Mark Stevick

Supercollider is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official Bio[]

Supercollider appeared on the scene seemingly out of nowhere. Is he a visitor from another world, stranded on our planet? Or maybe a secret government project gone wrong. Whatever the case he seems to be here to help, albeit in a monosyllabic and destructive manner.

  • Cost (FF): 9084 PR
  • Cost (FFvTR): 8199 PR


  • Weak Minded: Supercollider's resistance to mental damage is halved.
  • Solid Skeleton: Supercollider is resistant to crushing damage.



  • Wham: Slow but damaging melee attack.
  • Headbutt: Not much damage, but good stun and knock back.
  • Slam: Delivers a blast of crushing damage to all enemies before him.
  • Shockwave: Ground-based targets within a wide cone are knocked away.


  • Shrug Off: Passive defense that protects against
  • Proton Shield: Passive defense that protects against energy, fire and cold damage.
  • Roaring Doom: Induces panic in a large area, leaving opponents ripe for a beating.