The Ant
Real Name John Miller
Material Type Flesh
Weight 160 lbs
Strength Very Strong
Speed Very Fast
Agility Very Nimble
Endurance Extremely Hardy
Energy Powerful
Voice Actor Geoffrey Laff

The Ant is a playable character from the Freedom Force series of video games.

Official BioEdit

The Ant hates those who prey on the weak or defenseless. Imbued with the powers of, and control over, ants, he is doggedly determined when it comes to besting an opponent. When not rounding up criminals he tends to be quiet and introspective, as he doubts his place in the team. His lack of self-confidence is his major weakness.

  • Cost (FF): Free
  • Cost (FFvTR): Free


  • Heavy Lifter: Adds strength value for lifting and throwing.
  • Wall Climbing: The Ant can climb walls.
  • Nimble: The Ant gets a +3 Agility bonus, but has -10% HP.


Soldier AntEdit

  • Thorax Punch: A melee attack with moderate knockback.
  • Acid Bomb: Grenade that causes acid burn in a moderate radius.
  • Pincer Punch: A melee attack with moderate damage, but a very high chance to stun.
  • Metabolize: Absorbs acid and radiation damage from ranged and area attacks.(Note: In FFvTTR , metabolize only provides protection against acid, even though its hover description states radiation protection as well)
  • Mandible Assault: Triple attack, strikes everything in a forward-facing arc.

Worker AntEdit

  • Burrow: Burrows into the earth, avoiding any attacks.
  • Shove: High knock back, but causes no damage.
  • Tunnel Travel: Burrows into and moves through the earth, avoiding any attacks.
  • Ultrasonic Squeal: Stuns everyone, friend or foe, in a large radius.
  • Ant Swarm: Flying ants swarm around the target's eyes, blinding them.

Official ArtEdit