Things that go bump in the night ! is the first mission in the game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich which acts as a tutorial.

Story Edit

Alchemiss mysteriously ends up in Patriot Park. She receives a message from Minuteman. He tells her to find Man-Bot. Alchemiss, convinced that Man-Bot is still locked in the Celestial Clock, she clams her incomprehension. But Minuteman doesn't listen and leaves her.

After she settled in by defeating a few thugs, she finds El Diablo at the exit of the park trying to burn an innocent woman. Alchemiss decides to defeat El Diablo. After that, in the city on a rooftop she sees Minuteman attacking a citizen. Alchemiss flies onto the top of the building and uses the Repulsion to hurl Minuteman down onto the sidewalk to finish him. Later Liberty Lad attack Alchemiss with grenades. Alchemisas defeats him and he tells her where Man-Bot is. At that place, Alchemiss finds Man-Bot, encaged. After she frees him, he tells Alchemiss that they have to stop the diabolical plans of the Freedom Force. They continue their progression and find Bullet and Eve destroying a building. Man-Bot stops them by using his Power Release. Continuing on they journey, Man O'War and Sea Urchin attack them. Man-Bot defeats them with a traffic light. Farther, they find Microwave, considering them as hostile. Man-Bot stops him by throwing a car at him. Lastly they find The Ant with a Soldier Ant. With the Disruption, Man-Bot blows up a car next to The Ant to beat him. Finally they get to the Freedom Fortress.

Alchemiss is wondering if the world has gone crazy. Man-Bot says that she is the only one who is crazy, right before he knocks her out with a Focus. Suddenly, Mentor talks to Alchemiss, telling her that she is trapped in a nightmare, which is also a psychic vision. Mentor appears and dispels the vision. He explains to Alchemiss that this dream is perhaps a premonition of a possible future, where she would be betrayed by the Freedom Force. After that she wakes up.

Objectives Edit

Primary objectives Edit

  • Find and rescue Man-Bot.
  • Strike down the hostile Freedom Force members.
  • Alchemiss and Man-Bot must survive.
  • Get to the Freedom Fortress

Secondary objectives Edit

  • Get rid of every thug in the park.
  • Rescue the woman attacked by El Diablo? .

Enemies Edit

Enemy Number
Soldier Ant x1
Bullet ? x1
El Diablo ? x1
Eve ? x1
Libery Lad ? x1
Man O'War ? x1
Microwave ? x1
Minuteman ? x1
Sea Urchin ? x1
The Ant ? x1
Thug with Bat x11
Thug with Gun x2