Freedom Force Wiki
Real Name Sabrinne Tricolette
Material Type Flesh
Weight 140 lbs
Strength Normal
Speed Extremely Fast
Agility Extraordinarily Nimble
Endurance Hardy
Energy Powerful
Voice Actor Eve Passeltiner

Tricolour is a playable character from the video game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Official Bio[]

Sabrinne Tricolette is a formidable fencer. Donning the flag of her native France, she now fights for freedom as Tricolour!

  • Cost: Free


  • Nimble: Tricolour gets a +3 Agility bonus, but has -10% HP.
  • Berserker: Tricolour has a 10% chance of becoming enraged after taking damage.
  • Blitzkrieg: Adds 3 to the swiftness of all melee attacks, and extra damage.
  • Danger Sense: Tricolour can dodge attacks/use passive defenses from behind. She gets +1 Agility bonus to dodge attempts. Blind state does not stop dodging or passive defenses.
  • Heroic: Gives one more hero point.



  • Elegant Melee: A quick coupe dealing moderate piercing damage.
  • Blinding Blade: A rapier reflection that blinds bad guys.
  • Dancing Whirlwind: Swirling sabre dealing moderate piercing damage in a 180 degree arc.
  • Precision Blade: Very fast lunge that saps the victim's speed.

En Garde[]

  • Sabre Slash: A fast slash that has a good chance of stunning the victim.
  • Parry: A passive defense that often blocks crushing and piercing melee attacks.
  • Reflexive Swat: An active defense that reflects piercing ranged attacks.